MSP Book Club Jan – Mar 2022


The best writer’s read an awful lot.

Some do for research.

Some do for inspiration.

And some do it purely for the pleasure of reading a good book.

Join the MSP Book Club and do a little of all three.

Please note: Members of the book club are expected to source their own copies of the book/s of the month.

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To become a better writer, you really should read.

A lot!

So, I’ve created this book club for aspiring writer’s and authors to not just read the book, but also look at it from a writer’s point of view.

Each month we’ll read two books:

  • one fiction
  • one around writing and/or self-publishing

As well as a Facebook group, they’ll be 3 x monthly calls, one for each time zone: Europe, The US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll look at different genres across different decades and see how each author sets up their plots, scenes, characters and locations.


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