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At Easy Book Templates, we are developing a wide range of book templates to help you produce a professional-looking book, without a massive price tag.

However, there’s more than one way for Easy Book Templates to empower you to publish your own books, which is why you’ll find courses here as well.  So, instead of buying lots of different templates, why not learn how to format your books instead?

This will save you time and money in the long run!

This course will have you formatting your own books, using MS Word, in no time at all.

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This course is aimed at those authors looking to format their novel ready to upload to Amazon, Lulu and IngramSpark, and is made up of 8 different modules and over 30 lessons and growing.

Formatting books is both an art and a science, which done well is something you just don't notice, so we'll start by looking at professionally published books with a new eye so that you can see the quality and standards involved.

Once you start to notice the different elements that are needed to create a professionally finished book, then you'll learn how you can use MS Word with its advanced features to create a book you'll be proud of.

In the course we cover:

  • how to set up the structure of your book for both ebooks and print books
  • how to create and change the styling of your book with a few easy clicks
  • how to add and format your page numbers
  • how to add a table of contents
  • how to save your book so that you have a print-ready file
  • how to troubleshoot your manuscript

Check out the course below:

Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Book foundations
Unit 1 The art and science of formating
Unit 2 What professional formatting looks like...
Unit 3 Your front matter
Unit 4 Your back matter
Unit 5 The body of your book
Module 3 Structuring your book
Unit 1 Choosing your book size
Unit 2 Setting up your book size
Unit 3 Setting up your margins
Unit 4 Introducing section breaks
Unit 5 Adding the section break option to your ribbon
Unit 6 Using section breaks 1 - page numbering
Unit 7 Using section breaks 2 - chapters
Unit 8 Using section breaks 3 - headers
Unit 9 Using section breaks 4 - different first page
Unit 10 Using section breaks 5 - adding images to chapter headings
Unit 11 Using section breaks 6 -odd and even pages
Module 4 Styling your book
Unit 1 Choosing fonts for your book
Unit 2 Downloading your fonts
Unit 3 Installing fonts
Unit 4 Embedding fonts into your document
Unit 5 Introducing styles
Unit 6 Modifying styles
Unit 7 Creating your own styles
Unit 8 Applying styles to your book
Unit 9 Inserting a table of contents
Unit 10 Adding drop caps
Module 5 Formatting your book
Unit 1 Putting it all together
Module 6 Saving your book
Unit 1 Saving your book
Module 7 EBooks
Unit 1 Formatting for ebooks
Unit 2 Turning an ebook into a print book
Module 8 Putting it all together
Unit 1 Wrapping things up
Unit 2 Applying what you know
Unit 3 Resources
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