Publishing your own books has never been easier, but if you want them to sell, there are a couple of things that you need to do.

One of them is formatting your book.

In this course, I'm going to start by showing you some professionally formatted books that are currently bestsellers on Amazon.

Then we're going to look at how books are structured so that your book meets the first professional standard.

Next, we're going to look at styling your book, so that you have a consistent design running through it.

Finally, we're going to create a print-quality pdf file that's ready to upload to Amazon, Lulu and IngramSpark.

And just to make sure we've covered everything, you'll also learn how to turn your ebook into a print book.

If you haven't done so already, please go here to purchase the course and gain full access to all the videos and downloads included.


Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Book foundations
Unit 1 The art and science of formating
Unit 2 What professional formatting looks like...
Unit 3 Your front matter
Unit 4 Your back matter
Unit 5 The body of your book
Module 3 Structuring your book
Unit 1 Choosing your book size
Unit 2 Setting up your book size
Unit 3 Setting up your margins
Unit 4 Introducing section breaks
Unit 5 Adding the section break option to your ribbon
Unit 6 Using section breaks 1 - page numbering
Unit 7 Using section breaks 2 - chapters
Unit 8 Using section breaks 3 - headers
Unit 9 Using section breaks 4 - different first page
Unit 10 Using section breaks 5 - adding images to chapter headings
Unit 11 Using section breaks 6 -odd and even pages
Module 4 Styling your book
Unit 1 Choosing fonts for your book
Unit 2 Downloading your fonts
Unit 3 Installing fonts
Unit 4 Embedding fonts into your document
Unit 5 Introducing styles
Unit 6 Modifying styles
Unit 7 Creating your own styles
Unit 8 Applying styles to your book
Unit 9 Inserting a table of contents
Unit 10 Adding drop caps
Module 5 Formatting your book
Unit 1 Putting it all together
Module 6 Saving your book
Unit 1 Saving your book
Module 7 EBooks
Unit 1 Formatting for ebooks
Unit 2 Turning an ebook into a print book
Module 8 Putting it all together
Unit 1 Wrapping things up
Unit 2 Applying what you know
Unit 3 Resources
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